BEN WIJNEN (1961, Heesch /Bernheze) THE NETHERLANDS.
Dutch sculptor, works and lives at Camaiore - Tuscany - ITALY.

1988 | Graduated at the Academy of Arts, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

1988 – 1999 | Teacher of Art Education, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

1995 - 1999 | Conducted workshops Drawing & Painting for adults in The Netherlands, France and Spain.

1999 | In the Provence (France) he produced his first sculpture in shellstone, which moved him upon advice of his masters to Pietrasanta (Italy).

2000 - 2010 | Started sculpting marble professionally at the Studio Sem, Pietrasanta (Italy).

2011 - 2016 | Studio Ceccotti / Pietrasanta, where he creates and produces his pieces in marble and bronze and where he makes his drawings.

Since 2017 he works on his pieces in marble, clay and bronze in his atelier at Camaiore, Via Vitt. Emanuele 195.
The human body is always his starting point, resulting in sculptures with an essence and simplicity in lines".

Since 2006 his works can be found in France, Italy, United Kingdom, USA, Russia, Germany, Switzerland and in The Netherlands.

"l' Essenzialita delle forme e la forza espressiva nascosta in esse" (A. di Giorgio).







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